Celebrity Gadget: Scarlett Johansson's Leica M8 Camera

When Molly seen Scarlett Johansson had functioned in before and after the camera for untitled the film of Woody Allen in Barcelona, I wondered which kind of camera the starlet had employed.

My team of research - composed of the geek of YumSugar camera and myself - concluded that it must be the uber Leica smart M8.

The model, which is a numerical version of the famous camera of the M of the company, was recently released in Europe and is sold in the money and the black.

One knows it for the use of the similar system of Leica M for sophisticated and creative numerical photography and comprises a probe with weak noise of image of CCC with a resolution of the megapixels 10.3 which was specifically matched with the compact design of objective.

Obviously, skilled cameras come with a heavy price tag. This one costs $4,795 on Amazon.

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