Scarlett Johansson steals from her mother's closet

It makes me suffer to do this because Scarlett Johansson one of my is preferred not-form celebrities of wreck. It has a fabulous body, insane model, and is total strike outside in the department of glances. But in this photograph, it almost struck me with bad choice of mode. It was as Scarlett rolled out of the bed which day and decided “I do not want any more that is hot. ” It is “the occasional” equipment most horrible which I ever saw. It is strange because I saw this equipment before… on housewife the 45 year old! But when a housewife carries such a disaster, I just gesticule supposes my shoulders and them that they gave up on seeming pleasant years ago. Let us take it starting from the top. What you cannot see is that Scarlett has bullring in its nose. Bullrings are not well for successful twenty-somethings; they are adapted for the teenagers assembled by angst trying to be hard. The sunglasses make its resemble a total tourist -- gross. The reserve of green of army is patient-fitting of precision and encourages this starlet curvy to seem curvy in all false places. The shorts are the thing which really encourage me to want to vomit; an adverse nuance of “green mom shorts-circuit itself” with a belt woven out of leather. Sheesh, the last time where I carried a woven belt was in the 7th category (I believe that it was of Gap). Not to start to me even on the shoes… are these push rods? ! And to supplement it all with far it puts a watch of Chanel above and thinks that tractions it any unit. It not. Scarlett, why? Is it a joke? You are beautiful young woman thus to shake what you mom gave you… just do not shake it in clothing of the mom.

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