Scarlett Johansson's New Movie "Brilliance"

Scarlett Johansson has approximately 30 films in its file. “Brilliance” will add 1 with this number more.
Director Samuel Bayer, who directed the clips of Justin Timberlake “what circulates.” Scarlett Johansson for its beginning length of device chose, which is approximately a group of robbers of jewel.
Bayer chose Scarlett for the “Brillianc” because of his obvious call and talent of sex.
Bayer indicates MTV: “Scarlett is one of the sexiest actresses around of it can just become its characters. To look at what it made during the scene of Corvette, which a good number of people will not catch…

It drew that on a green screen, and right before we rolled, it laughed. We start, and it cries. It was simply incredible. It is substance as that which the marks know you that somebody. It's stuff like that which makes you know someone's a star."

The film will start to draw this winter and is placed during one 2008 early 2009 release.
Brilliance” highlights the best of Scarlett Johansson? It knows that it needs this!
Its execution in its last film “The Nanny Diaries” was disappointing and alarm was really low!

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