Scarlett Johansson Wishes To Go To Iraq

After Marilyn Monroe in Korea in 1954, Scarlett Johansson in Iraq? In an interview with American the newspaper daily “the USA Today”, pulpy states of blonde to want to return the visit to the American soldiers before the end of the year. “I receive letters of the soldiers of my age or people younger. I want to go to see them in October”, declares it.

With the question of knowing if it will sing, like heroin of “some like him hot”, Scarlett Johansson remains vague: “Perhaps. In any event, I will try to put animation”. Moreover, thus ardently wish 23 years, it thinks already of maternity. “I would like one or two children. And I want to also adopt some.” It is currently in Barcelona for the rotation “of the Spanish project”, of Woody Allen.

It is about their third collaboration, after “match not” and “cup”. It will be soon on the screens in “the newspaper of a guard of children” (on the left in the rooms on October 3), a dramatic comedy in which it will play a guard of children with the service of an easy family on side is higher of Manhattan.

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