Scarlett Johansson November 2007 "ELLE MAG" Cover Girl

A splendid Scarlet Johansson of actress represents the beauty of all women in Hollywood.

The starlet, called the majority of beautiful celebrity of all the times is now on the cover of the magazine of It the question of November 2007.

Scarlett Johansson is known like MUSE of the famous Woody Allen director. In this store Scarlett Johansson speaks to be a MUSE for the American director film Award-winning of academy of three-time.

About its role of MUSE for Allen she says:
“We joked about this word. Timbered known as, “that you appear and the block of my author is treated. ””

The director wants to say to its more than one friend. Here what she says about him:
“The wooded manners and its spirit are classically him. But when you know somebody, your conversation has an intimacy which you could not have provided to see it on the screen. Wooded surprises I any hour. On film, you see his side nevrotic but not its sensitivity. ”

The magazine of It gives the opportunity to find more about the splendid starlet and the sight of Scarlett on its sexy reputation of siren that it A.

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